Branches crunch
and twig and mulch
under my feet
that squelch
from the juicy
warmth of midday
sunlight sizzling
every sound
of gold and browned

Autumn air
I chance upon
catnapping here
in this shoulder
bend of the hill,
full and ripe
with tripe of
bird and bee
in the lee of

Stubborn leaves
lightly stirring
gleam startled white
like tiny mirrors
of a disco ball.
Shadows glide
into light and out
like dark lace


FOOTNOTE: It’s warm dreamy weather here and I can’t think of anything better than going on long walks and soaking up the sun like a dishcloth.

EDIT: Good Morning! ‘Walking’ is now displaying on the “Front Page Picks” in AllPoetry and so is my poem ‘April’. I already know it’s going to be a good day : )


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