Bonfire night of 1605

Lore has it that Guy Fawkes of York
sat guard on the devil’s pitchfork,
at the House of Lords, the Abbey;
for gunpowder that ‘neath it lay.

At a place well-nigh and haunted,
the witches on their brooms chanted,
“Hax pax max deus adimax,
King James’ Majesty, may your heart lax!”

And jack o’lanterns rejoiced in laughter
but evil didn’t prevail long after
when warned by a letter, the royal forces
charged to Westiminster on their horses.

No not horses! They were unicorns bright.
Though Fawkes on his pitchfork shot into the night,
he was toppled over and left to rot.
So goes the tale of the Gunpowder plot.


FOOTNOTE: Happy Guy Fawkes Day to all !

Here’s a Halloween take on the Gunpowder plot to assassinate King James of England in the 1605. I wrote this one a long time back when I truly believed Abbey and lay rhymed. : P Those of you interested in the history of it would want to check out this famous English poem which was my inspiration:


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