Moonlit walk

As I walk under the shadowy skies,
Bathed in heavenly starlight;
Cradled among the ghostly clouds, lies
the solitary moon, brilliant and bright.

Even as I continue my tour,
Trees silhouetted against the dark sky rock;
And the few leaves that braved the autumn quiver
as a chilling breeze howls and mocks.

The cool mist around me weaves,
at the sound of a mountain stream gush.
The midnight breeze now heaves
louder and louder. Hush!

O’er the bare boughs the nocturnal owls alight,
as I check my emotional deluge.
And in the coldness of the night,
I found refuge.



FOOTNOTE: This poem is inspired by this particular moonlight painting (below) by John Atkinson Grimshaw. 


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